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Traditionally, Kung Fu schools in China did not collect money from students who wanted to learn martial arts. The only form of funding throughout the year was through performing the lion dance.


The principle of our club remains the same to this date; None of our members pay to learn martial arts or to participate in any athletics programs. Instead, our club has survived these years supported mainly by performing the lion dance and through fundraising.


We are a non-profit organization working together to pass down the traditions of the lion dance to Boston’s Chinese youth.




For over 50 years we have served Boston’s Chinatown community, bringing prosperity and good luck through the lion dance - while promoting health and relationship building through our athletic programs.


Our style is distinctively authentic, traditionally southern style - our music is exhilarating, an experience to witness.




Hung Ching lion dancers leave smiles on the guests of your special occasion.


Each and every performance that we create is original and personalized, taking into account: venue size, length of performance, audience, and significance of occasion.


Whether it be a wedding banquet, parade, cultural celebration, grand-opening, convention meeting, or just a social gathering - we will create a lion dance performance that helps kick off your event with excitement and style!


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