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Boston Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club is also known as 'Hung Chings', after the name was adopted by the Gung Ho Club.


A relationship was formed with the Chee Kong Tong and an agreement was constructed in order to form a pipeline for youth from the Gung Ho Club to join the father club when they become of age.


Through the years, this has proven to be a successful model for preserving and refueling the membership of an aging community organization and ensuring its existence for the long-term future. In fact, one of the eight founders of the Gung Ho Club has gone on to become the National Chee Kong Tong President.


Today, the Hung Ching name is represented in a variety of different activities including Lion dancing, volleyball, basketball, roller hockey, golf and also volunteering in the community.

We have built a strong bond with our New York City chapter through the years especially.


Meet Our Worldwide Affilations

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