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Sojourners Award

The early Chinese immigrant pioneers were typically sojourners – migrant workers looking for a piece of the Gold Mountain to bring back to China to help their families escape poverty. Many sojourners faced conditions of racism, exclusion and economic exploitation that prevented them from returning home rich, despite their best intentions. As time passed, these pioneers transformed America – building railroads, establishing fisheries, cleaning farmlands, harvesting crops, and producing in factories. Due to their efforts, Chinatown communities were created and have persisted for more than a century in cities across the country, including Boston. Our place today in this society rests, in part, on their legacy. It is in memory of their simple dreams, unrecognized struggles and profound contributions that we offer the Sojourner Award.


The Chinese Historical Society of New England


The Chinese Historical Society of New England is dedicated to documenting, preserving, and promoting the history and legacy of Chinese immigration and settlement in New England. The CHSNE collects artifacts, documents, photographs and other printed material; conducts oral histories, presents special exhibitions and events for the public; and develops and operated programs which foster mutual understanding in a multicultural society. The loan or gift of artifacts, photographs, and other printed materials from your personal collections would be greatly welcomed and appreciated Please contact the Society at 617-338-4339 or call any of our board members.

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