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Historical Timeline

1868 - Boston Lodge established by early Chinese immigrants.


1904 - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen joined the Chee Kong Tong in Hawaii.


1906 - Grandmaster Moy G. Wing, is one of the incorporates of the Boston Chee Kong Tong, Inc.


1907 - Vancouver Lodge purchases its own building and later mortgages it to raise funds for the Chinese rebellion. (Chinese Freemasons Building, Vancouver)


1909 - Boston Lodge is the first Chinese organization in Boston to purchase its own real estate property on 6 Tyler Street.


1910 - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen visits Boston to raise funds and gather support. During this visit, he slept and hid in the Chee Kong Tong Lodge on 6 Tyler Street.


1911 - Dr. Sun Yet-Sen led the Huanghuagang Uprising to overthrow the corrupt Qing Dynasty in April of 1911. (Article: 'KMT leader in Guangzhou for historic visit' - 3.28.05)


1920 - The oldest group photo of delegates from the National Convention of Chinese Freemasons held in New York Chee Kong Tong in 1920. (photo coming soon)


1922 - Chee Kong Tong Chapter incorporated in Portland, Maine.


1948 - Gung Ho Club established by 8 Chinese teenagers in the City of Boston.


1948 - Mr. Leong from the Chee Kong Tong introduced martial arts to the club and formed the first Lion dance team.


1949 - Lion dance team performed in their first Chinese New Year's Parade.


1949 - An annual 'Record Hop' on Thanksgiving night was introduced as a fundraiser and held in the Chinese-American Legion Hall on Oxford Street.


1950 - Thanksgiving Record Hop gained popularity in Chinatown - in 1950 featured pop singer Ms. Joni James.


1951 - Thanksgiving Record Hop continued success and became a major social function in Chinatown - in 1951 featured up and coming star, Mr. Pat Boone.


1954 - Gung Ho Club formally adopted the name ‘Hung Ching’ as the Chee Kong Tong youth club.


1956 - New York Hung Ching chapter is established.


1971 - Clubhouse relocates to Beach Street.


1975 - Hung Ching forms the first club volleyball team and participates in the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament.


1978 - Clubhouse relocates to Harrison Avenue.


1981 - Clubhouse relocates to Lincoln Street Clubhouse.


1991 - Clubhouse relocates to 70 Beach Street.


1993 - Gung Ho Club celebrates our 45th Anniversary.


1998 - Mayor Thomas M. Menino proclaims September 12, 1998 to be ‘Gung Ho Club Day’ in the City of Boston on its 50th Anniversary.


2003 - Gung Ho Club celebrates our 55th Anniversary.


2004 - Clubhouse relocates to 23 Beach Street.


2004 - Hung Ching volleyball team finishes Third in the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament.


2006 - Offical website is launched on February 5th, 2006.


2006 - New York Hung Ching chapter celebrates their 50th Anniversary.


2008 - Gung Ho Club celebrates our 60th Anniversary.


2012 - Hung Ching lion dance team finishes First in New England Lion Dance Competition.


2013 - Gung Ho Club celebrates our 65th Anniversary.

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